• 07/13/2024
  • 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • EAST BAY > RICHMOND (Hikeleader: Robert Hickey)


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Hike Date:  Saturday, July 13, 2024

Leader:  Robert Hickey

Leader Email:  robert3327@gmail.com

Leader Phone:  510.813.3406

Hike Rating:  Level-2

Hike Mileage:  5.0 miles (with an option below for a longer hike).

Elevation Gain:  ~200'

Description:  I did this hike almost exactly a year ago (7/8/23) but this will be an abbreviated hike and we will start from a different location.  Point Pinole is a designated state historic landmark, offering scenic trails leading through marshlands, eucalyptus woods and beaches on San Pablo Bay.  Along the bay trails are spectacular views of Mt Tamalpais and the Marin shoreline.  This hike is a favorite of mine because the park is fairly undeveloped and relatively unknown.  I especially appreciate the quiet and serene views along the San Pablo Bay.  Halfway through we'll explore the Point Pinole Pier, and later have lunch at the end of our hike near where we started.  This is basically a flat, loop hike.

To extend the hike (Level-3)... 

After lunch, you can add another 3 miles (1 hr) to your hike by venturing out through the Dotson Family Marsh (map), a relatively new addition to Point Pinole.  This part would be an out-and-back hike.  If you are carpooling, make sure that your whole car is committed to this addition.

Bring / Wear:  Bring water, hiking boots, hat and sunscreen, and lunch.

Rain Policy:  Hike will be cancelled if rain.

Dogs:  Woof, yes!  dog clipart transparent 20 free Cliparts | Download images on Clipground 2023Clipart Dog House | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images

Are you up for the hike?  If so, here are the meeting options...

  • SF Meeting Location:  Whole Foods (map) @ 2001 Market Street.  Meet on the Dolores Street side.  There's parking on the street or below the building.

SF Meeting Time:  9:25 AM (departure shortly thereafter).

  • East Bay Meeting Location:  Rockridge BART station (map).  Meet at the bottom of the escalators.  There's free and ample parking.

East Bay Meeting Time:  9:35 AM (departure shortly thereafter).

NOTE:  Please only show up at Whole Foods or the Rockridge BART station if you have a ride arranged ahead of time (see Carpool Fees below).

  • TRAILHEAD MEETING LOCATION:  We will meet at the Giant Highway Staging Area (map)... next to the West County Detention Facility.  There are two (2) entrances to the park, make sure that you are at the correct location... you want the Southern entrance.  You don't want Atlas Road.

Trailhead Meeting Time:  10:00 AM (hike begins at 10:15 AM).

Total Driving Distance (round trip):  48 miles (SF), 38 miles (Rockridge BART).

Carpool Fees (per passenger):  $8* (SF) or $5 (Rockridge BART).

*Includes bridge toll.

NOTE:  I'll reach out to those registered who have indicated that they need/want a ride or can take passengers.  If you need to contact me for whatever reason, please do so before Friday @ 3:00 PM the day before the hike.

NEW:  ONCE AROUND is a (2024) trial series of short hikes that will end with everyone having lunch... or not. People can choose to leave right after the hike and have the rest of their afternoon free to themselves. Or they can get in a few more steps/miles in by extending the hike (...I'll have suggestions on how you might be able to do this).  Let me know what you think of this series of short hikes!      -- Robert

Level-2 Level-3 Level-4 Level-5

< 5 miles
< 500' gain

moderately easy
5-7 miles
< 1000' gain
7-9 miles
< 1500' gain

9-12 miles
< 2000' gain 

very strenuous
12-15+ miles
  >2000' gain
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