• 10/15/2022
  • 8:50 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Hikeleader: Gary Weiss


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Hike Date:  Saturday, October 15, 2022

Leader:  Gary Weiss

Leader Email:

Leader Phone:  415-279-5570

Meeting Location (ONLY IF you've arranged for a ride in SF): Whole Foods;
2001 Market St. @ Dolores (on the Dolores St. side); parking on the street or below.

Meeting Time:  8:50 AM

Departure Time:  Shortly after 8:50 AM

Rating: Level 4 

Mileage:  8.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 1600'

Description:  A couple of these trails I've wanted to use on a club hike for some time.  We'll be in some really magical areas that are utterly off-trail.  If there's been rain, the magical quality increases.
  We'll start at the "saddle" of East Ridgecrest Blvd., then soon descend perpendicularly across 3 trails before we get to the middle of the West Fork of Lagunitas Creek - surrounded by incredible stands of redwoods and moss-covered boulders.  If we've had any recent rain we can drop down to the West Fork Falls for a peek.  From there  we'll take a beautiful trail that you've never seen that gradually takes us out of the canyon, before crossing Van Wyck Creek and ultimately Swede George Creeks.  From there after some seemingly haphazard routes we'll gradually make our way back up to the cars.  90% in the shade. There are several uneven or steep ascents or descents - nothing too crazy, but they're what makes this a Level 4.
Dogs are always allowed in the Marin Watershed.

Bring / Wear:  Please bring plenty of water, lunch, sunscreen and sturdy hiking shoes. If you're used to using poles you may find them useful.

Weather Policy:  Contact hikeleader if weather is questionable.

Trailhead Meeting Place:  We'll meet at the "Saddle", also known as the "Miller Trailhead".  Exit US 101 at the Hwy 1/Stinson Beach off ramp. Turn left at Tam Junction to stay on Hwy 1. Continue for 8 miles until a fork in the road. Keep right to head up towards Mt. Tamalpais and Muir Woods. At the intersection (4 Corners) take the middle option - straight ahead. Continue for ~ 2 miles. You'll see Mountain Home Inn on the right.  Continue until the fork across from the Pantoll Ranger station/parking lot.  Go up to the right.  When you reach the large parking area for Rock Spring, continue up to the right.  In 1.9 miles we'll be parking on the right. Please park perpendicular to the road.                  Google Maps link

Trailhead Meeting Time:  10:00 AM

Trailhead Departure Time: 10:15 AM

Total driving mileage to and from San Francisco: 46.5 miles

Passenger Carpool Fees:  $8 from SF; $11 from Rockridge BART

Level-3 Level-4 Level-5

< 5 miles
< 500' gain

moderately easy
5-7 miles
< 1000' gain
7-9 miles
< 1500' gain

9-12 miles
< 2000' gain 

very strenuous
12-15+ miles
  >2000' gain
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