• 07/16/2022
  • 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Hikeleader: Robert Hickey


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Hike Date:  Saturday, July 16, 2022

Leader:  Robert Hickey

Leader Email:  robert3327@gmail.com

Leader Phone:  (510) 813-3406

SF Meeting Location:  Whole Foods @ 2001 Market Street.  Meet on the Dolores Street side.  (There's parking on the street or below the building).

NOTE:  Please only show up at Whole Foods if you've arranged ahead of time to meet your ride or driver there.

SF Meeting Time:  9:30 AM

SF Departure Time:  Shortly after 9:30 AM

East Bay Alternate:  West Oakland BART meeting/departure time will be 9:45 AM (later than Whole Foods)...and we'll meet outside the station at 5th and Center streets.

NOTE:  Please only show up at West Oakland BART if you've arranged ahead of time to meet your ride or driver there.

Hike Rating:  Level 3 / Level 4

Hike Mileage:  10.5 miles

Elevation Gain:  194 feet

Description:  This urban hike will be on paved walkways.  We'll start at PIXAR (home of beloved animated movies like "Ratatouille", "WALL-E", "Up", etc.) and walk to the Bay Street shopping mall through the compact but growing city of Emeryville.  We'll then pass IKEA and walk towards the Bay Bridge along the pedestrian/bike approach.  We won't make it quite to the bridge when we'll hang a left and walk through the normally busy Port of Oakland to little-known Middle Harbor Shoreline Park where (2/3 into the hike) we'll have lunch and enjoy the iconic views of the SF skyline and watch the "supply-chain" in action.  After lunch, we'll head back through (wild, wild) West Oakland passing old Victorian homes (in various states of condition), modern condos and Mandela Parkway (reimagined from the fallen double-decker Cypress freeway tragically caused by the 1989 earthquake).  There will be no stopping for shopping!  Route Preview 

Note:  After lunch we'll be passing the West Oakland BART station (@ 8.3 miles) for those that want or need to cut the hike short.

Bring / Wear:  Bring water, good hiking or walking shoes (the whole trail is paved), hat, sunscreen and lunch.

Rain Policy:  Hike will take place rain or shine.

Dogs:  Woof!  Dogs are allowed (on a leash...this is a very urban environment).

Trailhead Meeting Location:  We'll meet in front of the entrance to PIXAR's headquarters (plenty of parking on, um, Park avenue) Google Maps Link

Trailhead Meeting Time:   10:00 AM

Trailhead Departure Time:  10:15 AM

Total Driving Distance (round trip):  20 miles (SF), 5 miles (West Oakland BART).

Ride-Share Carpool Fees (per passenger):  $7* (SF), $2 (West Oakland BART).

*Includes bridge toll.

Note:  For those who are more adventurous you can use the MacArthur BART station and walk 1 mile to PIXAR...or utilize the FREE emerygoround.com that runs past PIXAR every 20 minutes.  Either way, allow yourself enough time to arrive at the trailhead and do not be late (...missing the bus is not an excuse).  Walking from MacArthur BART

I'll reach out to those registered who have indicated that they need/want a ride or can take passengers.  If you need to contact me for whatever reason, please do so before Friday @ 3:00 PM the day before the hike.

Level-2 Level-3 Level-4 Level-5

< 5 miles
< 500' gain

moderately easy
5-7 miles
< 1000' gain
7-9 miles
< 1500' gain

9-12 miles
< 2000' gain 

very strenuous
12-15+ miles
  >2000' gain
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