• 11/28/2020
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Hikeleader: Gary Weiss
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Leader: Gary Weiss

Leader Email:

Leader Phone: 415-279-5570

Meeting Date and Day: Saturday, November 21, 2020

Meeting Time: 10:00 AM

Departure Time: 10:15 AM

Meeting Place: We'll meet at the "Miller Trailhead".  Exit US 101 at the Hwy 1/Stinson Beach off ramp. Turn left at Tam Junction to stay on Hwy 1. Continue for 8 miles until a fork in the road. Keep right to head up towards Mt. Tamalpais and Muir Woods. At the intersection (4 Corners) take the middle option - straight ahead. Continue for ~ 2 miles. You'll see Mountain Home Inn on the right.  Continue until the fork across from the Pantoll Ranger station/parking lot.  Go up to the right.  When you reach the large parking area for Rock Spring, continue up to the right.  In 1.9 miles we'll be parking on the right. 
Google Maps link (please make sure Google doesn't take all over the Bay Area!  It should tell you to take Hwy 1, then Panoramic, then Pantoll, then East Ridgecrest.)

Rating:  Level 4

Mileage: 9 miles

Elevation Gain: 1800 ft

Description:  Much of this hike will be on unofficial trails - fabulous ones.  Soon after we begin, we'll head down 3 sections of a trail that follows the West Fork of Lagunitas Creek.  Much of this area is dense redwoods. We then cut across to the top of Van Wyck creek and continue west along Cross Country Boys Trail to Swede George Creek.   After a bit we'll head over to Potrero Camp and back up to the cars on a much more gradual route.
There are some steep downhills - all of them in deep forest.  This is an absolutely beautiful, remote area; much of it doesn't show up on even the oldest maps.

Marin County has relaxed its group-size restrictions.  But all of the usual directives, masks, distancing..... MUST be followed.  These initial hikes will be limited to 16 people.
Below are the regulations:

  • We need to stay at least 6' apart at all times;
  • You need to keep whatever type of mask you prefer around your neck at all times to be prepared to put it in place at a moment's notice when encountering others.  Some prefer to wear a mask at all times - even better!  The easiest solution some of us have found is to wear a bandana around your neck, shifting it up over your nose and mouth when passing or speaking with others;
  • Ideally, unless you're members of one household, there should be one passenger in the back right seat only.  Drivers and passengers can decide what they feel comfortable with.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED A RIDE AND/OR CAN TAKE A PASSENGER, AND WHAT YOUR COMFORT LEVEL IS REGARDING PASSENGERS.

Bring/Wear:  Plenty of water, sturdy hiking shoes, lunch, snacks, layers (we'll be on the cooler north side of the mountain) and your MASK.

Rain Policy: Hike will take place but may be altered if there's heavy rain.  Please contact the hikeleader if there's any doubt.

Driving Distance: 40 miles total there and back

Car Pool Fees Including Bridge Toll: $8

Level-3 Level-4 Level-5

< 5 miles
< 500' gain

moderately easy
5-7 miles
< 1000' gain
7-9 miles
< 1500' gain

9-12 miles
< 2000' gain 

very strenuous
12-15+ miles
  >2000' gain
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