• 09/19/2020
  • 9:45 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Hikeleader: C. Scott López
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Leader: C. Scott López

Leader Email:

Leader Phone: 415-589-9352

Meeting Date and Day: Saturday, September 19, 2020

Meeting Time: 09:45 AM

Departure Time: 10:00 AM

Rating:  Level 4

Mileage: 11 miles

Elevation Gain: 2100 ft

Description: WE'RE FINALLY DOING HIKES AGAIN!!  As we mentioned recently, San Mateo County has relaxed its group-size restrictions a bit.  But all of the usual directives (e.g., masks and social distancing) MUST be followed.  This hike - like the others over recent weeks - will be limited to 12 people.

Below are the regulations:

  • We need to stay at least 6 feet apart at all times;
  • You needs to keep whatever type of mask you prefer around your neck at all times - and be prepared to put it on at a moment's notice when encountering others. Some people prefer to wear a mask at all times; and if this is you, even better! The easiest solution some of us have found is to wear a bandana around your neck, shifting it up over your nose and mouth when passing or speaking with others;
  • Unless you are all members of one household, only one passenger should be allowed in a vehicle - and in the back right seat only.  Drivers and passengers can decide what they feel comfortable with. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED A RIDE AND/OR CAN TAKE A PASSENGER - AND WHAT YOUR COMFORT LEVEL IS.
  • This is a link to the full list of regulations issued by San Mateo County a few weeks ago.

Route Description:

Nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains adjacent to the tiny town of Woodside, the Phleger Estate (the Golden Gate National Recreation Area’s southernmost section) and adjoining Huddart Park are primeval paradises. Amid the majestic groves of coastal redwoods and Douglas fir are forests of tanoak, madrone, and California laurel, along with sword fern and redwood sorrel sheltering its abundant banana slug population. Higher up (adjacent to Redwood Park and east of Purisima Creek) are sunny chaparral areas and their native plants of manzanita, chamise, and chaparral pea. Keep an eye out for bobcats, coyotes, and gray foxes.

The hike begins at the Zwierlein Picnic Area of Huddart Park where we will head north following the swiftly flowing West Union Creek before climbing the Miramontes Trail into the esteemed Phleger Estate -- veering onto the Raymundo Trail briefly into the heart of the Estate before rejoining the Miramontes Trail and following to the Lonely Trail to the top of the hill.  Descending back down, we will (briefly) follow Richards Fire Road before (quickly!) encountering the Crystal Springs Trail which we will take through the lush McGarvey Gulch back to the start. (An alternative way down follows the Chinquapin and Dean Trails should individuals want to avoid the Richards Fire Road entirely.) No dogs are allowed.

Bring/Wear:  Lots of water (there is no place to refill), solid hiking shoes, a hat, lunch, snacks, and a durable MASK (as noted above).

Rain Policy: Hike will take place rain or shine.

Driving Distance: 37 miles roundtrip from San Francisco

Entry Fees: $6

Car Pool Fees: $11

Meeting Place: Huddart Park - Zwierlein picnic area.

To get there, take I-280 S to Exit 25 (Hwy 84 / Woodside Rd), and right onto Woodside Rd. Go 1.5 miles west, then right onto Kings Mountain Rd. Proceed 2.1 miles to park entrance on right, then follow signs to Zwierlein picnic area.

GoogleMaps Link:

What-3-Words Geolocator Link:

Suggestion:  Download the maps connected to the links in case you lose the connection en route to the park.

Note also the What-3-Words location links to a single 3x3 meter square (denoted by 3 unique words) where we will start the hike - precisely; and the What-3-Words website is the best around for precisely finding places, people, and things - along with an accompanying free app for your phone! (Simply search for "What 3 Words.")  After using What-3-Words - and treated to the convenience of needing only three single words to find ANY spot on EARTH - you may never want to use a Google Maps Link (or any other type of address) ever again!

Level-3 Level-4 Level-5

< 5 miles
< 500' gain

moderately easy
5-7 miles
< 1000' gain
7-9 miles
< 1500' gain

9-12 miles
< 2000' gain 

very strenuous
12-15+ miles
  >2000' gain
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